Great Museums in NJ You May Not Have Heard Of

Visiting a museum is the perfect thing to do on a rainy day instead of staying home. There are plenty of fascinating museums in New Jersey that you may not know exist, some of them right here in Monmouth County. Here are some of our favorites that offer a little something for everyone.   Monmouth

Great Lighthouses to Visit In NJ

When it comes to states with beautiful picturesque shorelines, New Jersey is often overlooked. However, the Garden State is indeed full of gorgeous beaches and stunning lighthouses. Here are some of the best lighthouses to visit in New Jersey.   Barnegat Lighthouse The Barnegat Lighthouse, or “Barney” as it’s known as to locals, is located

Market Value vs Assessed Value

It’s important to understand your home’s value since it directly affects your net worth. It also is essential to know how much you would receive if you sold your home since it will influence your financial decisions in the future. However, know that there is a distinction between your home’s market value and it’s assessed value. Market

What Is Title Insurance?

The home buying process is complicated and full of things you may not be familiar with, like title insurance. A title is the written evidence that the owner of a property is lawfully possessing the property and land it’s on. What is Title Insurance? If you own property, title insurance will protect you and your

How to Make The Most Income From Your Rental Property

Becoming a landlord can be a financially lucrative prospect, but it’s important to navigate this new venture carefully. Here are some things to consider so that you can make the most income from your rental property. Make Sure Your Property is the Right Price A common mistake many eager new landlords make is to buy

The Difference Between Starter Home and Forever Home

If you’ve just begun your first home buying search, you’ve probably heard the terms “starter home” and “forever home” many times already. But what are they and should you know the difference? Let’s take a closer look. A Starter Home When realtors refer to a starter house, they’re usually talking about a smaller, inexpensive home

Tips to Find A Family Friendly Neighborhood for Your Next Home Purchase

If you are searching for a new home, you probably have some priorities on your wish list. The top requested wish list item according to realtors is a family-friendly neighborhood. So how do you find a community that’s perfect for you and your family? Here are some tips for finding a family friendly area for

Why You Should Visit a Real Estate Attorney Early

Although hiring a real estate attorney is not always required when you buy or sell a home, it can make the process go a lot more smoothly. Calling an attorney during the very beginning stages of the process is the best time to do it. Let’s look at why. Buying a Home When you are

The Real Estate Cycle

The real estate cycle has four basic phases. Understanding how these phases work and identifying when the market is going through each one can elevate your ability to spot a good investment or to recognize when it’s time to move on. Let’s take a look at each of these phases. The Recovery Phase The recovery phase

Refinancing a Home and Why You Need an Attorney

Refinancing your home can be overwhelming, but the amount of money you could save on interest and monthly payments is worth the headache. You always have the option of refinancing without the help of an attorney to save money, but this is one expense that is entirely worth it. Let’s take a look at why: